Day 84 January 9, 2023 – Burgers Anyone?

A large part of my experience at Rangeview has involved travel. All over the country and Europe. One of my favorites was traveling to Disneyland with the student leadership group. Disneyland has a wonderful leadership academy and ran a good program that taught the fundamentals of leadership. There will be several stories about this trip but I will start with the In-n-Out hamburger dinner. Nate S and Chris C were part of the student leadership sponsors and on the trip. We didn’t have an independent way to travel around the area. Chris said his family lives in the area and asked if we wanted some In-n-Out burgers for a late lunch. We jumped at the chance. It had been many years since I had been and was excited. His parents are picking him up to spend the evening and brought Nate and me a couple of bags of heaven! We devoured them and sat back to enjoy the evening activities. The kids were still in the park and dinner was on their own. Nate and I thought we would just hang out and maybe wander to the parks later. Our principal who is also on the trip said that it was a chance to have a nice meal as a group and they were paying. We didn’t have the heart to tell them that we had already eaten, so we went along happily.

The menu came and it was a huge variety and big meals. I was stuffed so I just quietly ordered an appetizer for my meal. They all looked at me strangely but didn’t think much of it. Nate and I were giving each other glances as if to confirm that we weren’t going to spill the beans. Nate took a different approach He had a full rack of ribs and dessert. I don’t know how he packed away but he was successful. Luckily we got away with it and still enjoyed the evening with everyone. It took me several years before I mentioned it to anyone and they said they thought something was wrong because normally Nate and I would both pack away a rack of ribs. This is one of a bunch of travel stories I will do. They will be interspersed from now until the end of this journal. I look forward to everyone coming on my adventures with me.