Places to begin with curriculum for Cybersecurity

These are only a few that I have seen and know they are grounded in standards and best practices for teaching computer science.

The State of High School Cybersecurity Education for Preparing a Cybersecurity Workforce - Colorado

This is a call to all school districts regardless of size or demographics. It is meant for districts or schools that teach cybersecurity and those that do not. This is to a broad spectrum of teachers and administrators. You may not be teaching cybersecurity in your building or district but your answers are important to expanding computer science & cybersecurity into all of our schools.  When we talk about cybersecurity we are speaking about a computer science basis for instruction and not simply the habits of good online citizenship. I would like to ask you to take five or ten minutes to complete the attached survey about current practices and future plans. Since many folks will not be directly involved in teaching cybersecurity I would ask that you view it from your perspective. More importantly, I would ask you to spread this information to other Computer Science teachers, cybersecurity teachers, and district/building level administrators who influence curriculum. The link to the survey is:
The full information about the NSF Funded grant is below.
Thank you for your assistance and if you can, please share with the folks you know that could help. 

Complete Information on the Project:

Thank you for your interest in our NSF-funded DRK-12 Cybersecurity Workshop and welcome aboard:
The main goal of the workshop is to bring together representatives–educators, practitioners, and policymakers–from selected states to solicit information about the experience of designing and implementing cybersecurity strands and pathways for preparing an effective cybersecurity workforce in each state. More specifically, the workshop aims to:
  • Understand the prospective effectiveness of cybersecurity standards, and their consequent curricula and pathways, for generating meaningful cybersecurity learning and meeting workforce demands.
  • Identify factors that enable/thwart the implementation of cybersecurity standards across school districts, to include a specific focus on factors across school areas with different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic profiles.
  • Understand the developmental support needed to effectively teach cybersecurity, by gauging the level of support currently provided to teachers and its impact on their effectiveness in the classroom.