Day 55 November 4, 2022 Near-Sighted

I have been near-sighted for as long as I can remember. It was discovered in junior high school by a wonderful English teacher. John Glover discovered that when I sit in the back I just goofed off and was a class clown. When I was upfront I did my work. He worked through everything and then had me checked for vision problems. I got glasses shortly after and finally could see what I was doing in classes. That did not stop me from being a clown but it at least gave me a better chance. I had these problems since 1972 and I had glasses and even tried contacts once. The contacts lasted about 3 hours. I got them back in the day when only hard contacts were available. So in 2002, I decided to try Lasik surgery and see if I could leave the glasses behind. For almost 20 years it worked but in the last few years, my eyes reacted like anyone getting older.

I was nervous about starting a new job at Rangeview. I had the surgery a couple of weeks before I started. When I got Rangeview everything was blurry. I panicked and waited for the problems to settle. It was scary because I thought the surgery had gone bad. After 2 weeks and squinting at everything I called the surgeon’s office the nurse told me to look at the care directions on page 2. If I had read I would have known. Apparently after surgery florescent lights make things blurry. Luckily I was able to see things clearly in a few weeks. That was the last thing I needed as I started a new job.