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When learning a language people find helpful ways to remember words. Patrice who was our German teacher was very good at finding those connections. Another key factor is the repetition of words and language. Patrice understood this and was always reminding kids of words and Read more
I promised stories about French Monkeys all the way back on day 131 of the blog. Here goes...     In Germany, we travel around the region for fun and history. One of the lesser-known attractions is a Monkey Park called La Montagne des Singes. Roughly Read more
Panhandling seems to be a problem everywhere. While we were in Strasbourg, France we saw the in the tourist areas. Along with people walking around selling junk for exorbitant prices. You just had to pay attention. The teachers were having a cup of coffee while Read more
Our goal of the German Exchange was to explore history as well as modern life in Germany. It was to support our German language program at Rangeview.  We always spent time traveling the region and extended into France. Our trips to Strasbourg were always an Read more
This is a story that I haven't told often. It is in keeping with my goal to not appear on the six o'clock news as a teacher. The exchange that my daughter was a part of had many different adventures. You have already heard a Read more
I had a post about our first trip to Berlin earlier but I want to add a couple of details I didn't include in the first post. The unexploded bomb that delayed the train was just the beginning. We got to see the era of Read more
This will be my last post about the German Exchange for a while. This one I am writing this one now instead of using a previously published story. Relationships are the most cherished memories from the exchange.  The friends I have made make me long Read more
This was the final post from 2009. I will have a couple of more later in the year but this covers the serious and important stuff. I will talk about an American Consulate Guard almost shooting me and a French Monkey later! July 12, 2009 Read more
This is the post after visiting the Graduation Ceremony for the Heimschule Lender. June 28, 2009 Last night we had the chance to see the ceremony for the students that have successfully completed the Arbitur. It is the test for school completion in Germany. The Read more
June 24, 2009 Did I mention that I am afraid of heights? Yesterday we went to Europa Park. I had a chance to ride three of the 5 roller coasters. The other two had very long lines and we were in one for a while Read more
Another post from our trip in 2009. Leipzig was a great adventure and our time there was memorable beyond belief. To walk in the steps of history was humbling. July 03, 2009  Our next adventure was to get from Achern to Leipzig and to our Read more
Theatre at the Heimschule Lender Another post from our exchanges. This one is from the theatre show we saw put on by the students. Last night I had the honor of attending a performance of a student musical at the school. It was a play Read more