My Thirty-Year Educational Crusade

Please join me in my celebration. Stories will be posted for every student contact day this school year. The first will be elementary stories and will cover my time as an elementary teacher at Montview. The remainder will be stories from my 21 years at Rangeview High School.

If I am going to be honest, there is one person that I have spent many hours with that has Read more
We seem to hear this from kids daily. The funny thing is that I can say the same about my Read more
Another department member was very influential and generous. Cindy Hope was a character and allowed me to do my first Read more
One of the great pleasures I have had at Rangeview is coaching baseball. There will be many stories later about Read more
Every now and then you run across a storyteller with exceptional skills. Rob Schurich was one of these in the Read more
We have just completed the Thanksgiving weekend and I will take this time between this and the winter break to Read more
This is from the movie Fame. If you haven't seen it please take the time to find it. This song Read more
Yesterday I told a story of inspiration from a student at Rangeview. Today I will tell the story of one Read more
It is Thanksgiving week and I thought it was time for a couple of inspirational stories. Today and tomorrow will Read more
This is every week in high school! Listen to the words and make the connections. Read more
This is one of my favorite stories. This one is about someone else but is well worth sharing. Different people Read more
Our employee number is used for an immense amount of record keeping. The most telling is when we use it Read more
I mentioned that I would go back to elementary now and then. Today is about a robbery down the street Read more
Derek was one of my favorite students when I first started at Rangeview. I worked with him in Theatre and Read more
Here is what we try to do as teachers. Take students to heights where they can see all of the Read more