Day 56 November 7, 2022 Balloons & Golf Balls

One of the joys of working at Rangeview was the Business Department team. Cindy, Rob, Tom, and Ingrid were a joy to work with. We had fun and still were leaders in the building. None of us took ourselves too seriously and enjoyed the relationships with the students. I learned how to connect with students and make a difference by watching all of them. As with any team, we had inside jokes and pranks on each other. My favorite was with Ingrid. Her birthday was exactly one week before mine and even in the same year. We always had fun with our birthdays in school. My favorite was the prank I pulled on her one year. Every 15 minutes through the course of the day I had a student bring her a balloon until I had hit the number of years. We all laughed and had fun with the idea. I should have known that I was going to get it the next week. Right on cue, every 15 minutes I was visited by a student bringing me golf balls until we hit the number. The only difference was that the balloons were easy but the golf balls were hard to control. It isn’t a big thing but it is the kind of thing that will always be in my memory of teaching. I wish every teacher a group to work with like I had when I came to Rangeview. There are many more stories to come about this group.