Day 60 November 11, 2022 After High School

I had an experience today that is special and I wanted to share it while I had it fresh in my mind. I believe that our job carries students into their lives and considers their dreams and aspirations. The last week or two are always my favorite. It is the time when seniors will come and tell me where they have been accepted to college. We some of the structures in place now students can apply to many schools without an application fee. They then often spread a wide net of opportunities. In the last few weeks, I have heard several accepted to the Colorado School of Mines but my favorite this year has been the University of Alabama. Over the years I have heard everything from MIT, Stanford, Mines, Wyoming, Washington, DU, and Emory. This is a very short list but it shows the wide variety of choices students have made. I remind students that they can get quality educations at many schools and that they should choose a place based on feel. Do they feel comfortable on the campus and do they see themselves on the campus?  I don’t think the school makes the education but that the student makes the education at the school. I am proud of my schools and still feel comfortable driving around Greeley at the University of Northern Colorado.  The most important thing for students is to find their fit. Vocational schools and opportunities hold as much value for me as any college. If the student has found what they love to do, everything is worth it. I am also a strong advocate of the military and the opportunities they provide. I have had students who have been very successful in the military and are very proud of their service. I am reminded of a very old and tired cliche but it still is true: “If you find what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”  I also remind them that they will likely change professions at least once or twice in their careers. I went from retail management to photography and landed as a teacher. I look forward to the rest of the semester because the last few weeks have just been the early admissions and there are many more to come.