Day 62 November 15, 2022 Error Message

Derek was one of my favorite students when I first started at Rangeview. I worked with him in Theatre and had him in web design class. Derek had a sense of humor that matched mine. We were working on a project to create a website for a resort and had to have pages that covered the full gambit of a resort. They created the resort from scratch and had to have a lot of pictures, created facts, and pages for those different aspects of a resort. I must have talked about error pages during the project because he created one. He didn’t say anything about it and hid it in his pages. I had a habit of showing people’s pages as examples. I should have known something was up when he immediately volunteered. I am going through his pages and he set a trap in several pages so that I would be sure to find it. He had formal writing on his error page and it was error 14150013 (I made this number up) I later discovered it was his student number. The page read that I had reached the end of the internet and there was no more and that I should turn back immediately. It shocked me because I was doing it in front of the class. I started to try and figure out what was going on and make sure I hadn’t gone to some location that was inappropriate. I tried to figure out what it meant and I was going to go check the error code but he gave himself away with a chuckle and a look from that corner of the room. I knew instantly that he had me and that he was getting an A for the class. I have encouraged humor and every now and then it does come back to haunt me. The best example of Derek’s sense of humor is that he played Thenardier in Les Miserables at Rangeview and was perfect for the part.