Day 118 March 1, 2023 Lunch Time

There is nothing that compares to a school lunch. I remember back to the pizza day or even better the cinnamon roll day. Those were our favorites. I still long for corn with my pizza because that was how it was paired in school. Unfortunately those days are gone. I don’t blame the cafeteria but I blame the politicians who are trying to regulate our daily lives. Both political parties are notorious for making rules around education so this is in no way a political rant. It is a quality of life rant. Life was better with pizza and cinnamon rolls and I defy anyone to argue with me.

In Germany I was a little fearful for my first lunch in the school cafeteria. I went in with a semi open mind. After sixty seconds I was hooked. They had exactly what you would expect for a large school. A cafeteria line and people making your place. There are vegetarian options but then we get to the main event. I tried schnitzel with spargle, spätzle, and salad. From that meal on I was forever changed about cafeteria food. This food was so good that it rivaled the best German restaurants I have even eaten in. It was healthy and delicious. On a side note for the uninitiated, spargle is a white asparagus and spätzle is a flat noodle that compliments any meal. I have attached a couple of pictures and there is another highlight of the meal. We use actual utensils and glasses. I was worried about what would happen if a glass broke and I found out the first day. A girl dropped a glass and the staff hurried out with a broom and dustpan and the STUDENT cleaned it up. We also asked about how much trash they had for a school of several hundred students students from the cafeteria. They said on a heavy day they might have a second bag that is the same size as in my kitchen. The absolute best was that the people remember me from trip to trip and really take care of me but as I watched they had the same love and care for everyone who came in. Did I mention the kids cleaned their own tables. We would never be able to pull this off here and it is a shame. Pommes Frites Forever!!!