Day 124 March 9, 2023 Struthof Camp

Of the trips I have taken, this was the hardest day. We went to the Struthof Concentration camp. Prisoners here worked at a quarry about a kilometer away. The post was short but the pictures were more powerful. I have added a link to the website for further information. This is a hard post and if you might be bothered please skip the text and pictures.

June 17, 2009 By: Randy Mills 

Wednesday was the most difficult day of the trip. We went back to France and visited the Struthof Concentration camp. The students were in awe of the size and severity of the pain, punishment, and hate. I dislike using the word “awe” because I used it in the context of the Cathedral on Monday and today’s context is the opposite emotion but the word applies. The subdued mood of the kids told the story of what they were seeing. It is one thing to see movies and textbooks and hear teachers talk about these things but it is something completely different to stand in a room where thousands of people died for no other reason than their heritage. In the span of three days, we have seen the great heights man can reach in Strasbourg and the great depths man can reach Struthof.

Struthof Website – in English