Day 129 Spring Break Extra – March 16, 2023 Europa Park

June 24, 2009

Did I mention that I am afraid of heights? Yesterday we went to Europa Park. I had a chance to ride three of the 5 roller coasters. The other two had very long lines and we were in one for a while but it was over an hour wait for them. I rode the Mir Space station coaster and the Eurosat one. The other one I rode was an achterbahn für kinder. It was called Pegasus. We also did several other fun rides. My favorite was one that resembled a bobsled run. The students had a great time. It was a wonderful celebration and a great way to end our adventure here. The chance to remember all of the fun in Aurora and in Sasbach. We have had an amazing time and it is hard to believe that it is almost over. I will be staying for another 10 days in Germany so I hope to continue the blog for the remainder of my trip. We are going to Leipzig and we have trips planned to Prague and Berlin next week. Tonight we have the celebration and farewell dinner. We are doing a barbeque outside this evening. Tomorrow everyone else will fly back. At about this time tomorrow they will be boarding the plane and should be in Aurora in about 10 hours or 2 hours with the time changes. Today’s picture is of Europa Park:

By the way “achterbahn für kinder” is roller-coaster for children!!!