Day 165 May 8, 2023 Catchphrase

Bantering with students is a way that teachers make connections with students.  I think I have used many catchphrases over the years and some take on a life of their own. It culminated years ago in one of my students creating a poster of things I was not allowed to say anymore. A few are: factitious, fiduciary, “today while I am young, and “we are here for a good time not a long time.” In my role as the Tech person, I had a few. An error code for a clueless staff member was either an ID  10   T  or a PICNIC error. If you put the letters together for the error code you ID10T, which often applies. Picnic errors are Problem In Chair Not In Computer. I still use many of them and have recycled them over the years. I want to share that many have changed over the years. As I look at some I have used I find that they no longer fit or are insensitive. I have learned that I don’t have to rely on those phrases or words to get my point across. I listen to people who don’t like that words, language, and meanings have changed and fight against them with the excuse, “In my day we could say ….” Today is full of debate about censorship and schools are a flashpoint for many of these arguments. Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of censorship and if they deny it, they are liars. I read a book several years ago that addressed this. It was by Diane Ravitch who was a part of the Department of Education in several administrations for both sides of the aisle.  She put it succinctly and easy to follow. I am paraphrasing her but the point was simple: Both sides censor but the differences are that the right censor ideas and the left censor words. I don’t want to spark a debate and I can only speak for myself. I am glad my language and words have changed because I should honor people and their wishes. As a teacher, I sometimes forget but I hope I have built up enough emotional capital with people that they understand and remind me. I am a believer that I should adapt to students rather than always make them adapt to me.