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2021 - 2022 PLTW National Computer Science Teacher of the Year

PLTW recognizes outstanding teachers who inspire, engage, and empower their students by creating transformative learning experiences in their classrooms through PLTW programs

Aurora, Colorado – Rangeview High School teacher Randy Mills has earned the 2021-22 PLTW National Computer Science Teacher of the Year award, which recognizes educators who demonstrate a strong record of delivering an inspiring and empowering student experience, expanding access to PLTW programs, and transforming teaching. Randy was chosen from nominations received from across the U.S.

PLTW is honoring Randy for his work in the PLTW Computer Science pathway. Randy has been a teacher at Rangeview High School for twenty years and teaches Cybersecurity, Computer Science Essentials, and Introduction to Engineering Design. Randy Is also a Master Teacher for PLTW in Computer Science Essentials and Cybersecurity.

“Rangeview High School is proud of Randy Mills and his dedication to our students,” said RyAnn Nelson-Jaiyesimi “Randy is inspiring and we feel honored to have him as a teacher at Rangeview.”

Randy helped develop the Cybersecurity course and serves as one of the original Master Teachers for the course. He has been an advocate for underrepresented populations and has a passion for extending Computer Science and STEM to all students equally.

“Teachers and educational leaders perform one of the most critical functions in our society, and we are proud to work with these outstanding educators who are leaders in their classrooms and across the PLTW network,” said Dr. Vince Bertram, PLTW President and CEO. “Congratulations and thank you for your partnership in a shared commitment to empower our students to thrive in our evolving world even amidst the most challenging and unprecedented of times.”

2022 Aspirations in Computing Educator Award Winner

A thirty-year veteran of the Aurora Public Schools in Colorado. Randy has taught from 1st grade to postsecondary students. 20 Years at Rangeview has been highlighted by being a leading force for Computer Science and STEM. Randy has coached CyberPatriot teams for 12 years and taken 2 teams to the National Finals. Randy assisted with the PLTW development of the Cybersecurity course. Serving on the initial Advisory group and becoming a Master Teacher and teaching core training in 2018. Randy was awarded the National Computer Science Teacher of the Year for 2021-2022. Brought a Cybersecurity class to Rangeview five years ago and created a Technology Intern program for training students to move into internships in the industry. Randy has coordinated and taught a STEM camp at Rangeview for 8 years highlighted by cybersecurity classes. Randy has spent his career working to bring underrepresented populations into the Computer Science field.

Computer Science / Cybersecurity Programs & Competitions 2023-2024