Day 79, December 14, 2022 Airplane Cockpit

This is a thank you and one a secret about our building. In Aurora, we have been lucky with the community passing bonds for school improvements. In my tenure in APS we have passed them all. I will later tell some stories about being on the committees that passed these bonds. Below I have a picture of the bleachers we got a few years ago. We have had one major remodel that gave us a new library and reworked our old library to create several rooms and correct a problem that we have had for several years. Our counseling department was split with half on the second floor and the other half downstairs. The remodel of the media center allowed us to put counseling all in one place. We have also had two eight classrooms additions. The only problem I had was that they took away my windows to butt one of the additions to my back wall. I love sunlight so it was a hard pill to swallow. I have put a slide show of some of the construction over the years.  There is one secret I will spill that very few people know. Our principal felt it important to connect to the Buckley Air Force Base (now Buckley Space Force Base) which is just down the road. There will be more to follow later about that and other interesting things about the building. If you look closely at the finished library, you can see something that looks like a paneled skylight. It was done on purpose. The skylight was designed to look like the cockpit of a fighter plane. Not many people know why it looks like that and now you have the secret.