Day 80 December 15, 2022 – Winter Break

Last day before break. This is a bittersweet day. I am tired and need the break but I know that after three days I will be chomping at the bit. Vacations are a time to evaluate and prepare. The one lesson I have learned in thirty years is that no matter the planning, there will be things that change it and shuffle things. If I were offering advice to fellow teachers it would be: “Let learning happen. Sometimes the best lesson has nothing to do with your content.” The best times and stories are found in the circumstances and students. I can’t imagine how boring other jobs are when everything is set to a single path. It also leads me to my other point that might be controversial. Many teachers are complaining about how hard they have it and are looking for the exit. I saw that they should go and don’t look back. There is nothing more toxic than teachers who don’t want to be there and they will be transparent to their students. That will all lead to students who know the teachers doesn’t care and therefore why should they and the problem snowballs. I know we have a teacher shortage but we need quality teachers and not just bodies in the front of the room. Have a great break and I look forward to continuing in January.