Day 95 January 25, 2023 – Shout Key

This story happened to Ingrid from my department but it is too good not to include. When I first started at Rangeview we taught computer applications which was the Office Suite. We also taught keyboarding. At this time we also had a graduation requirement of Practical Arts and our department counted for that. As a result, we saw every student in the building at one time or another. Many choose to go the easy route and do a simple keyboarding class. We sometimes had students who weren’t quick on the uptake.  One day Ingrid is sitting in her classroom and this young lady came up and asked where the Shout Key was. Perplexed, Ingrid tried for a while to help her.  She asked the obvious things like doing something in all caps. Ingrid tried for some more but every time the girl said it she raised her voice and by the end, she was really shouting. The girl finally drew it with her finger. It then became clear, she meant the exclamation mark. Since that day, I still call it the shout key but only a few know why I smile as I say it.