Day 94 January 24, 2023 – Trash Homage

Today is my birthday post. With that in mind, let’s talk trash. One of the joys of teaching is seeing the artistic skills of some students. I casually was speaking of how the big new trash cans we got were bland. I had a student ask if they could decorate mine. I said yes with the stipulation that it be appropriate and school worthy. They proceeded to personalize mine with the topic I talked about the most. It was the school year after I made my hole-in-one on a golfing trip with friends. The trash can was so well received that they decorated all of them with the personality of the teacher in the room. The trash cans have remained even after the teacher is gone. I am the last of the decorated trash can crowd. Look at the old computer we had in room 225. It was one of the new machines at the time. My Room 226 can have been one of the highlights of being in the same room for 20+ years.