Day 100 February 1, 2023 – Student Activism

It is fitting that the students sometimes are our best leaders. One of my memorable experiences is student activism. I was happy to be a part of the Black Lives Matter Protest a few years ago. It is also fitting that the date was 2 days before the Juneteenth celebration. It makes me excited about what is ahead for the world. A lot of people say that we are in trouble because kids aren’t ……… (You fill in the blank.) Seeing kids every day gives me just the opposite feeling. There are knuckleheads in my classes but they are shadowed by the leaders we are producing. As they find their voice it will be even more exciting. The impression these negative folks have is that nobody in our day was a knucklehead. Speaking as a teenage knucklehead that drove teachers crazy, we were out there and life brought us around and it will do the same for some of our kids as well. As I look at the back nine (golf reference), of my final year, I am more encouraged that we are going to see great things from these kids.