Day 140 March 31, 2023 Clean Uniforms

The graphic for today should say everything. Mothers have always hated white baseball pants. I have told my players to have a practice pair of pants and then game pants. It just made it easier. We played on a field that was rough on uniforms.…

Day 139 March 30, 2023 Under The Base

Field conditions in high school run the gambit from perfect to perfectly horrible. One game where I was able to make the umpire laugh so hard that he forgot to yell at me. We were playing a game against Bruce Randolph in Denver.…

Day 138 March 29, 2023 I’m Outta Here!

Working with umpires is a delicate balance between diplomacy and losing your mind. I need to say that the overwhelming majority of the umpires we have had were outstanding and did their job well. There were times that I didn’t agree with them but that is to be expected in a game.…

Day 137 March 28, 2023 Access-a-Ride

One of the challenging parts of coaching a high school sport is working with umpires or other officials. Before I get too deep into a couple of stories I need to preface my comments with the fact that I was only tossed from a game once in all of my years of coaching.…

Day 136 March 27, 2023 Hat Direction

Successful coaches often have things that are non-negotiable in their program. Mine was the direction of the hat. I am a believer that the athlete represents his team, his program, his school, his family, his community, and himself. Respect for all of those folks is paramount for me.…

Week 29 Musical Interlude

A sad look at nostalgia from Bruce Springsteen. I don’t visit Lakewood much but it has changed so much that I wouldn’t recognize it. It does remind me of something I said as we were planning the 30-year high school reunion.…

Day 135 March 24, 2023 Skittles

A snack bar is a favorite place for spectators during a game. We made some good money for our program when selling snacks and soda. Players can even indulge between the first and second games of a doubleheader. I have had many hotdogs and Snickers bars between games, but not much during a game.…

Day 134 March 23, 2023 Devon Watts

The goal of every coach is to have a kid who throws with good velocity, and movement, and can disguise his pitches. We all make them pitchers and if they are left-handed we are in heaven. One year I had a kid named Devon.…

Day 133 March 22, 2023 It’s A Canales

The game of baseball is a love affair and not just a sport. I am one of those that hold the game sacred. I am an old-school guy and am still grumbling about the designated hitter. “If the pitcher ain’t hitting, it ain’t baseball.”…

Day 132 March 21, 2023 – Exchange Relationships

This will be my last post about the German Exchange for a while. This one I am writing this one now instead of using a previously published story.

Relationships are the most cherished memories from the exchange.  The friends I have made make me long for a return visit.…

Day 130 Spring Break Extra – March 17, 2023 Farewell Dinner

This is the post after visiting the Graduation Ceremony for the Heimschule Lender.

June 28, 2009

Last night we had the chance to see the ceremony for the students that have successfully completed the Arbitur. It is the test for school completion in Germany.

Day 129 Spring Break Extra – March 16, 2023 Europa Park

June 24, 2009

Did I mention that I am afraid of heights? Yesterday we went to Europa Park. I had a chance to ride three of the 5 roller coasters. The other two had very long lines and we were in one for a while but it was over an hour wait for them.

Day 128 Spring Break Extra March 15, 2023 Travel & Leipzig

Another post from our trip in 2009. Leipzig was a great adventure and our time there was memorable beyond belief. To walk in the steps of history was humbling.

July 03, 2009 

Our next adventure was to get from Achern to Leipzig and to our next destination.

Day 126 March 13, 2023 – Spring Break Bonus Berlin

Berlin – 2009

I am doing some blogs from our German Exchange. Here is our first trip to Berlin.

The next day we tried again with the train and it worked perfectly. Well almost! The trip there was perfect but on the way back the next adventure began.

Week 27 Musical Interlude

This one is done on spring break but I have so many I can’t afford to miss a week. I have been lucky in my classes to have students that have gone on to do great things. Many will not be celebrities but they will be famous in their world.…

Day 125 March 10, 2023 – Spring Break Bonus Bodensee


I am adding blog posts from my trips to Germany for the exchange. This story is about our trip to the Bodensee 2014

Thursday morning we left for the Bodensee with all of our students and our hosts. It was an experience in public transportation.…

Day 124 March 9, 2023 Struthof Camp

Of the trips I have taken, this was the hardest day. We went to the Struthof Concentration camp. Prisoners here worked at a quarry about a kilometer away. The post was short but the pictures were more powerful. I have added a link to the website for further information.…

Day 123 March 8, 2023 A German Walk

I love to walk and enjoy nature and sites. I was to learn that a walk in Germany means something completely different. Here is a post I did in 2009:

June 22, 2009, By: Randy Mills  I was informed this morning of what is considered a short German walk.

Day 122 March 7, 2023 Viva La France!

This is a post from the 2009 trip. It was a day in Strasbourg France. It hit all the right spots: food, international politics, and my fear of heights!

June 17, 2009 By: Randy Mills 

Monday, June 15th found us in Strasbourg, France.

Week 26 Musical Interlude

This is a beautiful love song but because he is the professor, it is wildly inappropriate.


Day 121 March 6, 2023 Prague

Another blog post from the 2009 Exchange. This was a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic.

July 06, 2009, By: Randy Mills 

Prague is an ancient and historic city. We roamed buildings that had their origin in the 880s. A couple of hundred years before the Vikings traveled toward North America.

Day 120 March 3, 2023 Bodensee

Another post from the 2009 German Exchange about our trip to the Bodensee:

June 16, 2009 By: Randy Mills: Thursday morning we left for the Bodensee with all of our students and our hosts. It was an experience in public transportation. We first caught a train to Friedrichshofen to stay at a Jungendherberge.…

Day 119 March 2, 2023 School Days

We are getting to the end of the quarter and like the students, I am going to recycle some stuff. This is a post from our first German exchange talking about the school.

Our next big adventure was to attend school with the students.…

Day 118 March 1, 2023 Lunch Time

There is nothing that compares to a school lunch. I remember back to the pizza day or even better the cinnamon roll day. Those were our favorites. I still long for corn with my pizza because that was how it was paired in school.…