Day 109 February 14, 2014 Valentines Day

St. Valentines Day. A day of love, fun, and romance. The single most important romantic advice I give to students is: “Your future spouse is not currently attending Rangeview!” The hope was that students understand that the vast majority of high school romances end and that there is more out in the world other than Rangeview. Since my daughter Kaila attended Rangeview I got an up-close view of high school romance and how it has changed. I did not have much to draw on for experience. Anyone reading this from my high school days can verify that fact. I had all the charm of an angry wolverine. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to go back to the pack of valentines cards that  you had to give everyone whether you liked them or not. I am beginning to believe that one of the most important skills we can give students is civility. I don’t think we should ban anything but just show them and expect civility. I tell them all the time that there are people I don’t like but I still work with them. Sometimes those are some of the most productive and successful collaborations.