Day 151 April 17, 2023 Hairspray

I have been asked what are some of the crazy things I have done as a teacher. I will explore the pathway that hair has held for me over the years. You may ask what my hair has to do with the crazy things I have done as a teacher. My hair has been the focus several times. I will reserve the first-time story for tomorrow. Today I want to talk about the hair on my head. I have shaved my head a few times in my time at Rangeview and it has always been for charity. There was one exception a few years ago for theatre. Tammy Strouse was directing Hairspray and one of the kids backed out. She asked me if I could pick up the part in a couple of days. It wasn’t big but a noticeable part. I played the owner of Ultra Clutch Hairspray. I am never one to shy away from a challenge and I had a great time. It was a little creepy when my character was hitting on another character but we struggled through it. I also felt that their show should have some whimsy to the part and even a little irony. I decided that if I was the owner of a hairspray company, it would be funny for me to be bald. So with not much fanfare, I showed up at the first rehearsal completely bald and it fits the character perfectly. I have often said that I am enjoying my second trip through high school. I don’t have any of the baggage a teenager does and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I will always be grateful for the years I spent as a part of the theatre department as a staff and now as a performer.