Day 153 April 19, 2023 30-Second Haircut

The escapades with my hair continue. A few years after the leg waxing incident, I decided to do another homecoming hair challenge. I knew that the legs were off-limits this time and so I went with shaving my head bald. The good news is that after every time I have done this, it has grown back. Like I always say: ‘Better to turn grey than turn loose!” The challenge was set and the students did their part and raised the money. I volunteered to get some clippers for the event. Luckily one of my fellow class sponsors had some clippers and she would bring them in so that I didn’t have to buy any. We were all prepared. We had a chair in the center of the floor with a tarp below it to catch the hair. It was designed to take about 30 seconds to cheers and jeers from the crowd.  Jennifer B. had promised me that it would go easy so I was relaxed. Two seconds in I realized that a lie had been perpetrated on me about the speed and quality of the clippers. I had a flashback to the leg waxing from the pain. We did a fair job but I did look like Beaver on the old Leave It to Beaver TV show. The picture for today shows the result of the  TV show many years ago. I went into the restroom to cry and finish the job so I could go home. I was asking Jennifer if they always had that problem. She said that she has never had that problem when she shaves her dog. “Your what?” I now find out that the dull clippers were for her dog. I now had a clear picture of the pain that had been inflicted on me.