Musical Interludes

I have been a Billy Joel fan and this is a look back at high school for both of us. Read more
This one is done on spring break but I have so many I can't afford to miss a week. I have been lucky in my classes to have students that have gone on to do great things. Many will not be celebrities but they will Read more
This is a beautiful love song but because he is the professor, it is wildly inappropriate. Read more
This is one of my favorites. Charlie Brown by the Coasters. This was my life in school. Read more
1984 saw the release date of the movie Teachers. If you haven't seen it, I relate well to the character played by Richard Mulligan. Read more
This song doesn't talk about school specifically but does talk about the joy of September when school started. It also speaks to aging and I know that in the December of my career I am enjoying the return to earlier times. Read more
A little advice from James Brown in 1967. Read more
Sexy 17 by the Stray Cats. Read more
My last "bad" song. This is always a fear in schools. Many people really don't know what the song is about until they see the video. Sting (Who was an English teacher) and the Police. Read more