Musical Interludes

Another fun school song and many of us had this experience in school. Van Halen at it's best. "I don't feel tardy!" Read more
I am now going to do some songs that are not the most wholesome. These are some fun songs but not the best influences but most of us have heard these and enjoy them. The first is a J. Geils Band song. Read more
As a technology and computer science teacher, this song fits, and if you really listen some of the things have already come to pass. The added bonus is the old movie Metropolis.     Read more
We seem to hear this from kids daily. The funny thing is that I can say the same about my time in high school. Read more
This is from the movie Fame. If you haven't seen it please take the time to find it. This song is very emotional for me because this is what I hope every student believes as they leave us and start building their tomorrow. I think Read more
This is every week in high school! Listen to the words and make the connections. Read more
Here is what we try to do as teachers. Take students to heights where they can see all of the possibilities. My favorite line is about chasing their dreams across the star. Read more
I imagine this song with my teaching. As I envision retiring I can imagine a teacher version of this song. Read more
Some good old Folk music. It is a part of my war protest music and is a very fun song with a serious message. It sometimes gets lost on people who don't understand satire but I hope you enjoy it. Read more