Day 148 April 12, 2023 Lunatics

It has been said too many times in my career that I have to be a little crazy to be a teacher. With that idea, I decided to direct One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Upon reflection, I might have been crazy. I predominantly male cast with lots of movement and activity. I really liked this play because of the actors. They have all gone on to do great things in their lives. A couple of things do stick out from this play. The first thing is that I still owe the school a wheelchair. The one we borrowed was a little mangled when we returned it. We all claim ignorance and everybody denies it. There were some interesting twists that happened later in their lives. There is a scene where the inmates/patients play basketball. The only actor that could not play was the character in the wheelchair. Auston is the actor that was in a wheelchair and now is a basketball coach at the school. The one that is the most telling is the actress that played Nurse Ratched is now a nurse in real life. This was a case of life imitating art.