Musical Interludes

The Beach Boys' song Graduation Day is fitting for the last week of the school year. Another good song: Graduation by Vitamin C My wish for the kids by Lee Ann Womack Read more
These 2 songs were important during my years of high school. We always looked to be free and so we sang Freebird a lot. The other one for this week is the song played by every high school student sing its release in 1972. Read more
When I look at my last year of high school for the second time, I get nostalgic about my life. I tend to remember the things from my first trip through high school. It was not the joyous romp that is often portrayed. My memory Read more
This is Prom season so I have 3 songs from my Prom time in the 70s. First is Stairway to Heaven. Played at every dance but was impossible to dance to.  Taking Care of Business by BTO was a great dancing song with a lot Read more
A couple of songs for this week. The first is a Rod Stewart song, Forever Young. It really speaks to how I view students. They will always be 17 in my classroom. No matter what they do I will always be there for them. The Read more
Last week was about lost youth but I think this week is the best description for students leaving us at the end of high school. It speaks about a loss of innocence and facing adulthood. Fore those of you who think it has drug references Read more
I am going to have to double up on some songs since I have so many. I have always loved folk music and so I have a couple that talks about the passing of time and youth. They are beautiful songs but mourn the loss Read more
This is the second Billy Joel song. I heard him describe this song and he was adamant that it was not a political song but just a history of what has happened in his lifetime up until then. I also am amazed at the history Read more
A sad look at nostalgia from Bruce Springsteen. I don't visit Lakewood much but it has changed so much that I wouldn't recognize it. It does remind me of something I said as we were planning the 30-year high school reunion. We were thinking about Read more