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With the crowds at the 2009 Presidential Inaugural, It was important to plan, scout, and choose wisely.  I don't want to hear any argument about crowd sizes but I know I was in a big crowd. Me and 2 million of my closest friends. Our Read more
BRING TOILET PAPER AND HAND WARMERS. It is not often that you see a headline like this. In 2009 we had a group of students attending the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC. The trip had been planned for many months without regard to who the Read more
Today is my birthday post. With that in mind, let's talk trash. One of the joys of teaching is seeing the artistic skills of some students. I casually was speaking of how the big new trash cans we got were bland. I had a student Read more
The sights and sounds of a high school are sometimes the most amazing sounds you can hear. I live in the community where Rangeview is located. From my bathroom window, I can see the school. One of my most vivid memories during the summers was Read more
342 is an important number to Rangeview and almost everyone who passes by the sign has no idea what it means. The number changed how the building and external amenities were placed on our site. Rangeview has one of the smallest land footprints in the Read more
Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. holiday so I have a short week. One of the great mysteries at Rangeview is the white dots on the walls on the first floor. Most people go through their entire 4 years as a student and don't know Read more
Being a class sponsor for the freshmen and seniors over the years was a blessing and a curse. I loved working with the kids and doing big projects and making the school better for everyone. One experience was to be at all of the dances Read more
I am going to recycle a post I did several years ago. It is a post about tragedy but also about why I teach and accept the good and the bad. We were given the question at an in-service about the day that we wanted Read more
The story for today isn't about my time at Rangeview. It is about my time at Vivian Elementary in Lakewood growing up. As we pass into the year 2023 I am reminded of how far away the year 2000 is. It is as far from Read more
Last day before break. This is a bittersweet day. I am tired and need the break but I know that after three days I will be chomping at the bit. Vacations are a time to evaluate and prepare. The one lesson I have learned in Read more
This is a thank you and one a secret about our building. In Aurora, we have been lucky with the community passing bonds for school improvements. In my tenure in APS we have passed them all. I will later tell some stories about being on Read more
Being a computer teacher has its advantages. I often will get things before anyone else and get to try them out for others. Earlier in the blog, I spoke about the introduction of laptops to our itinerant staff and how we were unprepared for them Read more