Day 26 – September 16, 2022

The importance of reading can never be under stated. Today I am going to talk about one of my most stressful and rewarding times as a student and seeing the same in my students. Book orders were one of the best memories I had as a child. They also caused the most stress. We never had a lot of money so I have in the back of my mind those times when we didn’t have enough money to get books from the book order. When I was able to gather the money or we had some extra money I participated. They were once a month and I went to school early every day that we were waiting for an order to come in. I saw the same in my students. It was heartbreaking to see kids who just hung their heads on days they came in for my classes. I always wished I had enough money as a teacher to buy them all something. I spoke earlier in the blog of Mrs. Truman and her crusade to get students books. I have seen recently a program from scholastic to help teachers get books for kids. I encourage you to give if you ever run across a teacher doing this. No mater what people may feel about schools or teachers I think we can agree that putting books in kids hands is a benefit to them and everyone. I still get the exhilaration of going into a bookstore and that happiness washes over me.